Lighted Forceps for Foreign Body Removal


The Bionix Lighted Forceps for foreign body removal is an innovative
new tool that provides primary and acute care physicians with light
and magnification in a small, single-use forceps for the ear and nose.
The Lighted Forceps is an extension of the innovative, award winning
Lighted Ear Curette with Magnification product line.

How It Works
The forceps tip works by squeezing the spring grip that is positioned just
below the attachment point of the light source. The spring grip is fixed to
the clear forceps tip near the light source attachment by means of a
retaining ring. When squeezed, the spring grip is forced to slide down
towards the forceps tip closing it and providing gripping strength.

Product Offering
2750 – Box of 10 Forceps, 1 Light Source, 1 Magnification Lens
2200 – Extra Light Source
2265 – Pack of 5 Magnification Lenses

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