Articulating Safe Ear Curette

For 25 yArticulating1ears Bionix has been advancing the technology of cerumen removal.
Each innovation has added value to every procedure making Bionix the World Leader in Safe Cerumen Removal. Bionix continues that tradition with the introduction of the Articulating Safe Ear Curette™ – combining the safety of the original Safe Ear Curette with an innovative articulating tip.

The Articulating Safe Ear Curette™ is the only curette that articulates to assist in the removal of cerumen from the ear canal. The Articulating Safe Ear Curette™ works because of the unique living hinge at the tip and the split handle design.

Once positioned beyond an obstructive cerumen plug, usually through a space between the ear canal wall and the plug, the tip can be articulated by simply sliding the forefinger and thumb in opposite directions. The cerumen can then be pulled straight from the ear canal without using a blind sweeping motion.

Product Offering
8111 – Articulating VersaScoop®

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